The Basics

Adding Additional Users to Your Account

To add an additional user to your account, simply follow these steps: 1. Log in to the AdRoll Dashboard. 2. Access Additional Users through the User Settings menu, accessible in the top right hand corner of your dashboard. 3. In the Additional Users setting page, click Add Additional User 4. Enter the email address you […]

Site Requirements

Our goal is to help your business grow, and we welcome advertisers of all kinds and sizes to our platform. To provide you with the reach needed to drive success, we are partnered with over 60 ad networks, all of which have their own policies and site requirements. AdRoll’s website standards take these requirements into […]

What should I include in my privacy policy?

Do I need a privacy policy? As part of responsible business practices, we require that any website that collects visitor information disclose their data practices through an easily accessible privacy policy. There are a number of ways that visitor information is collected. Some information is volunteered by the visitor, such as submitting personal and payment […]

Enabling 2-Step Verification for Your Account

Here at AdRoll, we take your security seriously. To ensure the integrity of your account, we support and recommend using 2-step verification. Once enabled, a verification code will be sent to your phone when you log in to AdRoll. To get started: Log into your AdRoll account. Click on the user icon in the top […]

Managing Audience Segments in Your Dashboard

In this video, you’ll learn how to manage audience segments from your dashboard.

Upload Ads to Your Ad Library

In this video, you will learn how to add ads to your account from your Ad Library.

Create a Web Retargeting Campaign

AdRoll currently offers advertisers the ability to target visitors on the web, the Facebook News Feed, and Facebook Right Hand Side. This video will walk you through creating a web retargeting campaign.

Create a Facebook Right Hand Column (RHC) Campaign

AdRoll currently offers advertisers the ability to target visitors on the web, Facebook News Feed, and Facebook Right-Hand Column. This video will walk you through creating a Facebook RHC campaign.

Why Does AdRoll Recommend Dynamic CPM Pricing?

All retargeting vendors buy media the same way. The pricing model is known as CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions), and it’s always the same, whether the inventory is purchased through exchanges or directly from publishers. Once a retargeting vendor has purchased inventory, they can then resell it to advertisers in a variety of ways.

Segmenting Site Visitors by URL

By segmenting your site visitors based on the pages and products that they’ve browsed (i.e. shopping cart, homepage, pants, shirts, etc.), you can serve precisely-targeted ads to boost sales. In order to properly segment your visitors, you’ll need our SmartPixel placed on every page of your site — check out our Getting Started guide to […]

“View All Profiles”: Comparing Performance Across Multiple Sites

In order to view top-line metrics across all of the profiles in your account, you can select the “View All Profiles” option from the top-left drop down on your dashboard. This enables you to easily compare retargeting performance across each of the sites you manage. Once logged into your dashboard, you’ll view your most recently-visited […]

Getting Started in 4 Easy Steps

Launching your first campaign is easy. Check out this short guide to get retargeting in less than 10 minutes. We’ll explain how to tag your site, set your targets, track your conversions and launch your campaign.

What is a SmartPixel?

Summary Our SmartPixel is a JavaScript code snippet that you place in the footer of your site, near the </body> tag. The pixel has been specially engineered to load asynchronously and independently so as to never block page load. Technical Details Our SmartPixel is asynchronous JavaScript code that is designed to load quickly without interfering […]

Why Isn’t My SmartPixel Firing?

Our SmartPixel is a container pixel that hosts the pixels and tags provided by our partner networks. We recommend that you place your SmartPixel within your global footer, enabling it to fire dynamically across every page of your domain after just one placement. We designed your SmartPixel to fire asynchronously after functional page elements have […]

What’s Wrong with My Banner?

Our platform allows you to quickly set up and launch campaigns. Issue-free campaigns typically start serving impressions within 48 to 72 hours after launch. However, campaigns containing ads that do not meet our partner ad networks’ strict creative requirements can be delayed and, ultimately, lead to lost conversions. We’ve listed the most common design and […]

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