Setting Up LiquidAds

What are LiquidAds?  LiquidAds is AdRoll’s dynamic ad product that enables advertisers to personalize each impression based on the product pages that an individual user visits. LiquidAds are an effective component of a comprehensive retargeting strategy. Types of LiquidAds: Traditional Web-based LiquidAds are built in Flash and come in the following sizes: 300×250 160×600 728×90 […]

Product Feed Guidelines

What is a product feed? Feed Structure Guidelines Product Feed Examples Hosting Your Feed Important Things to Note What is a product feed? A product feed is a file containing information about all of the products on your website. All of the dynamic content in your LiquidAds will be pulled from your product feed file. […]

Writing Effective Ad Copy for LiquidAds on Facebook

Ad copy should always be direct and eye-catching. When you combine Facebook’s character-count restrictions with the dynamic content of LiquidAds, it becomes even more important to plan your ad copy carefully.

7 Tips for Web LiquidAds Success

Across the web and Facebook, we’ve seen LiquidAds—our personalized, dynamic ad solution—provide a 44% lift in ROI and a 115% increase in CTR. And, while we have a highly talented team of designers that delivers high-performing web display ads, here are 7 things that every advertiser should do to get the most out of their campaign.

LiquidAds Animations & Interactions

Our improved LiquidAds technology gives you more options for creative expression. We have designed a wide range of playful and sophisticated animations and interactive features, so your ads can set design trends, not just follow them.

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