Enhanced Conversion Tracking

Building on Basic Conversion Tracking AdRoll’s SmartPixel and dashboard provide an easy way to set up basic conversion tracking through URL segmentation. Any time a visitor lands on a page that represents completion of the desired action, for example, a conversion event could be triggered and attributed to your advertising. If you would like to get a more […]

Why Isn’t My SmartPixel Firing?

Our SmartPixel is a container pixel that hosts the pixels and tags provided by our partner networks. We recommend that you place your SmartPixel within your global footer, enabling it to fire dynamically across every page of your domain after just one placement. We designed your SmartPixel to fire asynchronously after functional page elements have […]

Guide to Segmenting Clicks with AdRoll

AdRoll’s SmartPixel allows for powerful URL-based segmentation, but there are instances where code might be needed to segment your audience. If you have two links that direct visitors to the same internal page, such as different buttons on different landing pages, you can segment the traffic from the different buttons. Clicks on links that direct […]

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