Facebook Exchange

Integrating your Facebook Page

In order to advertise on Facebook through AdRoll, you must link your Facebook company account with your AdRoll dashboard. Integration only needs to be completed once, and is relevant for the following campaigns (click on the campaign type to learn more about it): Desktop News Feed Mobile News Feed Mobile App Install Facebook integration consists […]

Editing a News Feed Ad

This video will walk you through how to edit a Facebook News Feed ad.

Create a Facebook Right Hand Column (RHC) Campaign

AdRoll currently offers advertisers the ability to target visitors on the web, Facebook News Feed, and Facebook Right-Hand Column. This video will walk you through creating a Facebook RHC campaign.

Editing News Feed Ads

Facebook does not allow any changes to be made after an initial News Feed ad has been posted. Any edits to an ad (including changing the title, body, message, or destination URL) will result in the creation of a new ad and, moving forward, social data will be tracked only for that new ad.

Facebook Advertiser Permissions

When an ad links to, and is associated with, an advertiser’s Facebook Fan Page, Facebook requires that advertiser to grant AdRoll “advertiser” admin access. For reference, these are the different access levels a user can be granted for the Facebook Fan Page: AdRoll requests “Advertiser access” only to create News Feed ads on an advertiser’s […]

Insertion vs. Impression – What’s the Difference?

Unlike the retargeted ads that serve on the right-hand side of Facebook, which are bought on a cost-per-thousand impression (CPM) or cost-per-click (CPC) basis, retargeted ads in Facebook’s News Feed are purchased on an insertion basis, or cost-per-insertion (CPI). As a user scrolls through the content in his or her News Feed, an insertion can […]

Retargeting in Facebook’s News Feed

Facebook News Feed posts allow advertisers to re-engage prospective customers with a high-quality ad unit in the most prominent location on Facebook, the News Feed. Why advertise on Facebook’s News Feed? Facebook’s News Feed is the reason that billions of users log in to the platform each month. By nature of their premium placement, directly […]

Best Practices for Advertising on FBX

With our help, retargeting on Facebook Exchange (FBX) can drive incremental lift for your current retargeting efforts and provide additional engagement. You can use your first-party data to re-engage your site visitors of the largest ad inventory source on the web. Launching and managing over 1,000 campaigns since last summer, we have some tips to […]

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