Creative Guidelines

Below you will find creative guidelines organized by campaign type, as well as general image requirements to consider. For more information on website eligibility and requirements, check out “Site Requirements”. 1. Web Retargeting 2. Facebook Right Hand Column 3. Facebook News Feed 4. Facebook Mobile App Installs 5. Facebook Mobile News Feed 6. General Image Requirements 1. Web […]

Site Requirements

Our goal is to help your business grow, and we welcome advertisers of all kinds and sizes to our platform. To provide you with the reach needed to drive success, we are partnered with over 60 ad networks, all of which have their own policies and site requirements. AdRoll’s website standards take these requirements into […]

Mobile Creative Guidelines

Behind every great mobile campaign… are great ads! Below are the creative guidelines for each of our two mobile products, but first please note: Mobile ad formats are not interchangeable. If you want to launch both a Mobile App Install (MAI) and Mobile News Feed (MNF) campaign, you must create two sets of ads and […]

Managing Audience Segments in Your Dashboard

In this video, you’ll learn how to manage audience segments from your dashboard.

Upload Ads to Your Ad Library

In this video, you will learn how to add ads to your account from your Ad Library.

Create a Web Retargeting Campaign

AdRoll currently offers advertisers the ability to target visitors on the web, the Facebook News Feed, and Facebook Right Hand Side. This video will walk you through creating a web retargeting campaign.

Create a Facebook Right Hand Column (RHC) Campaign

AdRoll currently offers advertisers the ability to target visitors on the web, Facebook News Feed, and Facebook Right-Hand Column. This video will walk you through creating a Facebook RHC campaign.

Product Feed Guidelines

What is a product feed? Feed Structure Guidelines Product Feed Examples Hosting Your Feed Important Things to Note What is a product feed? A product feed is a file containing information about all of the products on your website. All of the dynamic content in your LiquidAds will be pulled from your product feed file. […]

Writing Effective Ad Copy for LiquidAds on Facebook

Ad copy should always be direct and eye-catching. When you combine Facebook’s character-count restrictions with the dynamic content of LiquidAds, it becomes even more important to plan your ad copy carefully.

7 Tips for Web LiquidAds Success

Across the web and Facebook, we’ve seen LiquidAds—our personalized, dynamic ad solution—provide a 44% lift in ROI and a 115% increase in CTR. And, while we have a highly talented team of designers that delivers high-performing web display ads, here are 7 things that every advertiser should do to get the most out of their campaign.

LiquidAds Animations & Interactions

Our improved LiquidAds technology gives you more options for creative expression. We have designed a wide range of playful and sophisticated animations and interactive features, so your ads can set design trends, not just follow them.

Best Practices for Advertising on FBX

With our help, retargeting on Facebook Exchange (FBX) can drive incremental lift for your current retargeting efforts and provide additional engagement. You can use your first-party data to re-engage your site visitors of the largest ad inventory source on the web. Launching and managing over 1,000 campaigns since last summer, we have some tips to […]

Creative Best Practices

Marketers often tell us that creative is a major pain point in the ad creation process. From conception to launch, ensuring that ads are creative and engaging can be a challenging and tedious process. If your ads are too generic, they won’t have much impact on sales or revenue generation. That’s lost time and money […]

What’s Wrong with My Banner?

Our platform allows you to quickly set up and launch campaigns. Issue-free campaigns typically start serving impressions within 48 to 72 hours after launch. However, campaigns containing ads that do not meet our partner ad networks’ strict creative requirements can be delayed and, ultimately, lead to lost conversions. We’ve listed the most common design and […]

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