Billing & Budget

Managing Multiple Advertiser Profiles

In order to manage multiple websites in one account, you will need to create a separate advertiser profile for each of your websites. Each profile will have its own unique Smart pixel. To create a new profile, log into your dashboard, click on the User Settings icon in the top right corner and select “Advertiser […]

Update Your Credit Card Information

To update your billing information, select the user settings icon in the top right corner of your dashboard and choose “Billing Information” from the drop-down menu.

Why Does AdRoll Recommend Dynamic CPM Pricing?

All retargeting vendors buy media the same way. The pricing model is known as CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions), and it’s always the same, whether the inventory is purchased through exchanges or directly from publishers. Once a retargeting vendor has purchased inventory, they can then resell it to advertisers in a variety of ways.

Setting Your Campaign Budget

The number of unique visitors to a website has a strong correlation with potential retargeting budget. Sites that have more traffic are able to effectively spend more on retargeting. When setting up a campaign, advertisers should keep this factor in mind to ensure campaigns are successful and reaching their full potential. When a new advertiser […]

How Does Our Free Trial Work?

Our free trial is worth $60 in advertising ($30 per week for two weeks), on your first campaign, and won’t begin until your campaign starts to serve impressions. See our visual below for more information! After the free trial period, your campaign seamlessly converts into a paid campaign, preserving the continuity of your marketing efforts. […]

How Does Billing Work?

AdRoll billing works similarly to a debit card. At first, we establish a balance when your campaign is approved. Over the course of each week, funds are deducted. New funds are needed to help bring your balance back to a healthy level. Here’s How It Works Upon launching a campaign, we will pre-charge your first […]

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