Analytics & Measurement

Advanced (Non-URL) Segmentation Strategies

We highly recommend using URL segmentation if you can, as it is a very versatile and effective segmentation tool (see Identifying URL Patterns in the article “Segment Site Visitors by URL” for more information on the various applications of URL segmentation). However, if you are unable to segment based on URLs, you may want to […]

Protection Against Invalid Traffic

Overview AdRoll advertisers enjoy the best of what digital and mobile advertising have to offer, and can engage with users who have the highest interest in their product or service. To ensure that your ads serve to the right users on the best quality sites, we have a dedicated Trust and Safety team in place […]

Tracking Conversions on Mobile

Interested in setting up conversion tracking for Mobile App Install (MAI) or Mobile News Feed (MNF) campaigns? Excellent! You’ve come to the right place. Tracking conversions for Mobile App Install (MAI) campaigns Requirements A mobile app, integrated with an SDK from an approved vendor Minimum of one active MAI ad, submitted with your brand’s Facebook […]

Generating Reports from the Dashboard

This video will walk you through how to generate reports from the dashboard.

Segmenting Site Visitors by URL

By segmenting your site visitors based on the pages and products that they’ve browsed (i.e. shopping cart, homepage, pants, shirts, etc.), you can serve precisely-targeted ads to boost sales. In order to properly segment your visitors, you’ll need our SmartPixel placed on every page of your site — check out our Getting Started guide to […]

“View All Profiles”: Comparing Performance Across Multiple Sites

In order to view top-line metrics across all of the profiles in your account, you can select the “View All Profiles” option from the top-left drop down on your dashboard. This enables you to easily compare retargeting performance across each of the sites you manage. Once logged into your dashboard, you’ll view your most recently-visited […]

Data Discrepancy Between AdRoll and Google Analytics

Discrepancy between AdRoll and Google Analytics reports are normal because of differences in reporting methodologies. That said, usually AdRoll and Google Analytics data will follow the same trends and tell a similar story. Though AdRoll and analytics data will never match up exactly, reporting from both sources can be useful for measuring advertising performance and […]

External Analytics Campaign Tracking

What can be measured by an external campaign platform? By tagging your destination URLs and using an analytics tool, you can track visitors who click your display ads as well as their actions on your website after the initial click. Unfortunately, view-throughs cannot be measured or tracked by external analytics. How do I tag my […]

Tracking Campaigns with Google Analytics

Is there an easy way to set up Google Analytics? Many web applications have Google Analytics integrations or plugins. If you license a web application or use an open source solution, check to see if there is a preferred Google Analytics solution. Here are some examples:  Magento Google Analytics Guide, WordPress Google Analytics Plugin. Be sure to […]

Guide to Segmenting Clicks with AdRoll

AdRoll’s SmartPixel allows for powerful URL-based segmentation, but there are instances where code might be needed to segment your audience. If you have two links that direct visitors to the same internal page, such as different buttons on different landing pages, you can segment the traffic from the different buttons. Clicks on links that direct […]

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