Implementing Our SmartPixel: 3rd Party Ecommerce Platforms

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For additional information on placing the AdRoll Smart Pixel on your 3rd party e-commerce platform, please search the list below for your platform name:


Placing the AdRoll SmartPixel on the ASPDotNetStorefront system requires modifying the template.ascx file, located in the App_Templates// directory. Within this file, simply find the end </body> tag, and add the AdRoll SmartPixel immediately before the tag. Save the file and upload the modified template to the proper directory if edited on your local machine.


To place the AdRoll SmartPixel in the 3dCart System, log in to your 3dCart page and navigate to the Admin page. Locate the column on the left side of the page and select “Settings” > “Design” > “Header & Footer”. In the Global Footer box, paste the AdRoll pixel at the end of the existing code on a new line. Click save and you can head back to AdRoll to finish setting up your campaign.


To place the SmartPixel code on your BigCommerce site, log into your BigCommerce Control Panel and click the “Design” link at the top of the page. Then, click the “More” tab, followed by the “Template Files” option.  From here, you can click the [+] sign next to Panels, wherein you can access more files.  Select the footer.html template, and add the SmartPixel code just before the </body> tag.  Select the Save button, and you can head back to AdRoll to finish setting up your campaign.

Note: BigCommerce provides a variety of templates for their clients to use.  Some of these templates do not include a </body>.  If this is the case, please place the SmartPixel code at the bottom of the footer section and click save.


To place the AdRoll SmartPixel on your CoreCommerece hosting platform, go to your Admin Panel, and click on “Design”, then “Manage Design”, then “Edit HTML/CSS”. Add your SmartPixel to the footer.html template, directly before the end </body> tag.


With Foxycart shopping cart hosting, you can edit the templates for your cart, checkout and receipt pages though your admin panel on Simply login to your account, select the relevant template from the top menu, select the “Use a specific template” radio button, then add the AdRoll SmartPixel immediately before the end </body> tag. Update your template and then verify that your cart, checkout, and receipt URLs match the URL rules set up on your AdRoll Retargeting Pixel page on your dashboard.

Joomla 1.5 & 1.51

First log on to In the top menu, select “extensions” and “template manager.” Now, select the template marked default and click “edit.” In the template edit page, click “edit HTML.” Once in your template’s HTML, scroll down to the bottom of the code. On the second to the bottom line, you should see the tag </body>. Paste your AdRoll tracking code just before the tag and click “save.”

Joomla 2.5

Navigate to your “Template Manager” and click on the name of the template you have currently activated. Under “Template Master Files”, clicked on “Edit Main Page Template.” Once there, scroll down to the end of the source code to get to the end </body> tag. Paste your SmpartPixel right before this tag and click save and close. You have completed the pixel install!


To place the AdRoll SmartPixel on the Magento platform, first log in to your Magento account and click the “System” tab. From here, select “Configuration”. Next, under the “General” tab, select “Design”. Paste the AdRoll SmartPixel code in the Miscellaneous HTML text field.  Multiple javascript tags can be placed in this box, so if you already have custom code inserted, just be sure to put a space between the AdRoll SmartPixel and any other surrounding extension codes. Click the “Save Config” button to complete placement.

Miva Merchant

To add your SmartPixel, log into your Miva Merchant Store Admin account. In the left sidebar, find and click on the link containing your store’s name. This will open up the editor, allowing you to make adjustments to your website. Your SmartPixel works best when placed in the footer, so look for the “Global Header & Footer” button. Paste your SmartPixel in the space labeled “Global Footer”. Wrap up by clicking “Update”. Your SmartPixel will fire across every page of your website.


Shopify customers can get started with AdRoll by installing the AdRoll Retargeting App available on the Shopify App Store. Installing the app automatically places your unique SmartPixel across all your store pages, creates your new AdRoll dashboard, and unlocks AdRoll’s two-week free trial.

If you already have an AdRoll account, you will want to add your SmartPixel manually to integrate your existing dashboard into your Shopify store. To do so, you’ll want to first log into your Shopify Administration Dashboard and pull up your “Theme Editor” via Store Configuration > Themes in lower left side of your dashboard. “Theme Editor” will appear as an option under Published Themes located at the top of the page. Under Layouts, select the theme.liquid template and scroll down until you see the end </body> tag. Paste your SmartPixel and save.

Regardless of if you use the AdRoll app or follow the manual steps, you will need to access the Additional Content & Scripts section to add the SmartPixel to your conversion pages. You can do this by going to Preferences >> Checkout & Payment page. In the Order processing section, and enter your SmartPixel in Additional Content & Scripts.


To add your SmartPixel, log into your Squarespace dashboard and click on the “gear” settings icon. Find “Code Injection” option and paste your SmartPixel into the “footer” section.

For more information, feel free to refer to the following Squarespace articles:



Log in to your Ultracart account and navigate to “Configuration” > “Screen Branding” > “Screen Tab” > “Select Theme”. If you are using Single Page Checkout you only need to edit one screen. Once selected, go to the footer section at the bottom of the page and paste the AdRoll code immediately before the closing body tag. If you are using Multiple Page Checkout, simply select the option to copy to multiple pages or repeat the placement process for each screen of your checkout.


To add your SmartPixel on Unbounce, first pull up the page editor. On the left side of the bottom bar, you should see a button called “Javascripts”. Click this, and within the console that appears, paste your SmartPixel exactly as copied from your dashboard. Check to make sure that the “Placement” option selected is set to “Before Body End Tag” so the SmartPixel is placed right above the end </body> tag. Save, and your SmartPixel should be published!


To add the AdRoll SmartPixel to your Vendio store, simply log in to the Vendio site and open the Template Editor. Once you have loaded the preview of your store click the Advanced menu and select Enable Advanced Mode. Then select the Edit HTML submenu and select to edit the __pagetpl.html file. When the code appears, scroll to the bottom and find the closing body tag. Paste the AdRoll SmartPixel immediately before this tag and save the template..


Volusion has a prepared resource dedicated to implementing AdRoll’s SmartPixel. Thanks Volusion!

Learn more here: 


To add your SmartPixel to Weebly, first log into your account and pull up your website editor. Then, go to the “Settings” tab and find the Search Engine Optimization section. Paste your SmartPixel code within the footer, and finally “Save” to publish your site.


Wix allows you to add custom code to your website by implementing their HTML widget. Once installed, you will be able to paste your SmartPixel within the HTML widget to have your SmartPixel added to every page of your website. Learn more about how to add the HTML widget, here:


To add the AdRoll SmartPixel to your self-hosted WordPress page, go to your dashboard and select Appearance and then Editor. From there, you can view your Templates, followed by php files. Select the “footer.php”, scroll down to the closing body tag, and place the SmartPixel directly above it.


To add the AdRoll SmartPixel to your X-Cart store, first locate the home.tpl file of your active theme folder. Paste the AdRoll SmartPixel in this file. To ensure that the code is read properly, you will need to wrap literal tags – {literal} … {/literal} – around the SmartPixel.

Yahoo Stores

To correctly place the AdRoll SmartPixel, use the Store Editor in Yahoo!. You can enter or paste HTML within the large text boxes in your store pages and Final-text fields. Use the store editor to add the AdRoll SmartPixel to all the shopping cart pages as well.

Read more here:


To place the AdRoll SmartPixel on the ZenCart system requires modifying the main site template file, tpl_main_page.php, located in includes/templates//common. Within this file, simply find the closing body tag, and add the AdRoll SmartPixel immediately before the tag. Replace the the existing file in the directory with your updated version.

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