Creative & Site Requirements

TOPIC: Creative

General Creative Requirements


Animated ads are only permitted on web campaigns, and are restricted to a maximum of 30 seconds (at a 15-20 fps frame rate), after which point they must remain static. These ads must also comply with other image ad policies.


Any ads featuring a white or black background are required to have a 1 px border of a distinguishing color around the perimeter of the ad in order to separate it from page content.

Computer Imitation

Ads cannot imitate computer actions, such as loading, scrolling, searching, virus scans, etc.

File Format and Size

Facebook (FBX)

The required image dimensions for Facebook are 600×315. This can be applied to either News Feed or Righthand Column (RHC). If applied to a RHC campaign, Facebook will automatically adapt your 600×315 image to the smaller RHC inventory space, rendering as 254×133.

Additional Facebook requirements:

- Images used must be no more than 1MB

- No animation

- No more than 20% of your image can contain superimposed text

- Landing pages must not contain embedded videos


Web banners can be .JPEG, .GIF, or .SWF. Images used must be no more than 45KB. For Flash requirements, see “Flash Creative Requirements” below.

AdRoll recommends the following ad sizes:

- Leaderboard – 728×90

- Medium Rectangle – 300×250

- Wide Skyscraper – 160×600

- Large Rectangle – 300×600

AdRoll also accepts the following ad sizes:

- Banner – 468×60

- Square – 250×250

- Small Square – 200×200

- Rectangle – 336×280

- Skyscraper – 120×600

- Mobile Leaderboard – 320×50

Strobing & Flashing (Web only)

Strobing, flashing backgrounds, or otherwise distracting ads are not allowed. Do not attempt to overtly distract the user from page content.

Flash Creative Requirements

Animation Length

Animated ads are restricted to a maximum of 30 seconds (at a 15-20 fps frame rate), after which point they must remain static. These ads must also comply with the other animation policies.


The clickTAG is the parameter in Flash banner ads that defines the destination URL. When a click is executed on an AdRoll ad, our system replaces clickTAG with the URL specified in our platform. On any click, Flash ads should redirect to the URL specified in the clickTAG argument; there should be no other redirection in between. In the clickTAG variable, click must be spelled in lowercase and TAG must be spelled in uppercase. clickTAG must show exactly as it appears with no space between click and TAG. This is the proper code for the clickTAG parameter if your ad uses:

ActionScript 2.0

on(release) {
    if (_level0.clickTAG.substr(0,4) == "http") {
        getURL(_level0.clickTAG, "_blank");

ActionScript 3.0


	    function(event: MouseEvent) : void { URLRequest( root.loaderInfo.parameters.clickTAG), "_blank");

Replace buttonOrObject with the name of button that will receive the click.

Please note for AS2 or AS3:

It’s not necessary to specify the destination URL for the ad anywhere in this code; this is taken care of through the usage of clickTAG. It is strongly recommended to upload the ad into your account and verify that the ad is behaving normally prior to it going live, allowing time for any necessary changes.

File Size, Content Source and Version Info

- Flash ads must be smaller than 45KB
- Flash ads must be compatible with Flash versions 4-10
- Flash ads must be compiled from either ActionScript 2.0 or ActionScript 3.0 sources
- Content displayed must be contained within the ad file

AdRoll Advertising Guidelines

AdRoll’s advertising policies are derived from the policies of over 60 partner ad networks and exchanges. The following guidelines are designed to preserve a safe and valuable browsing experience for all users of the internet.

If you have any questions about these policies, or would like to request a review of your website, please feel free to reach out to

All AdRoll advertiser websites must meet the following basic requirements:

Original Content

Content on site must be owned by domain owner, or must provide a unique browsing experience or service.


AdRoll does not advertise single page websites or stand alone squeeze pages. Websites must include sufficient navigation (Home, About, FAQ, Contact, etc). Simple sales/squeeze pages are allowed as long as the page includes both a link to a valid privacy policy, as well as a link back the main homepage (clickable logos are accepted).

Pop-ups, Pop-unders and Other Exit Barriers

Exit or entry pop-ups and pop-unders are prohibited by AdRoll and its partners. Other barriers to exiting a website, such as back-button interference, will not be allowed to advertise.

Privacy Policy

Websites must include a proper privacy policy to notify visitors of how their personal information is used – this includes the use of cookies. A link to the privacy policy must be visible on all pages of the website. For more information on what constitutes a valid privacy policy, please see the privacy policy section on our Support Center page.

Payment Method

AdRoll’s partner ad networks require that e-commerce websites offer credit card as an accepted payment method. Additional payment methods are allowed, as long as credit card is an option for website visitors.  A reputable and secure credit card processing vendor must be used.

Secure Processing Server (https)

Advertiser websites must use a secure processing server whenever personal information is being collected, such as on a checkout or conversion page.

Product & Site Appropriateness

Website content and product catalogs featuring inappropriate content will not be accepted.  AdRoll’s partner ad networks do not tolerate any profanity, nudity, adult themes, violence, slander, or hate speech.  AdRoll is also unable to advertise with websites that target people affected by specific legal circumstances or medical conditions.

Redirecting URLs

AdRoll’s partner ad networks do not allow redirecting URLs and tracking URLs. For verifying performance, most AdRoll advertisers use URL appends (codes added to the end of URLs), such as those appends used with Google Analytics.

Brand Match

Brands featured in banner ads must match the brand of the destination page.

Gateway / Bridge Pages

Gateway pages—websites with the sole purpose of leading the visitor to another domain—are not allowed.

Verifiable Claims

Websites or advertisements may not make unsubstantiated claims or include unverifiable superlatives. This includes but is not limited to ‘miracle cures’, suspicious claims, and unreasonable guarantees. All product claims are subject to review by AdRoll and its partner ad networks and may result in campaign rejection.

Facebook Exchange Advertising Requirements

Age-Restricted Material

Unlike standard Facebook advertising, when retargeting on Facebook you are unable to specify the ages of the users that you are targeting. Thus, no age-restricted material will be allowed on the Facebook Exchange. This includes, but is not limited to, alcohol products, dating sites, and any adult material.

Embedded Videos

Facebook ads are not permitted to link to landing pages with embedded videos.

Landing Pages

Facebook Exchange campaigns may not use Facebook fan pages as landing pages.

The 20% Rule

Facebook 600×315 ads must contain less than 20% text in the image.  This includes logos made up of text.  Minimizing text will make your content engaging and ensure that people see the highest quality content in News Feed.  We recommend promoting your message through the available text fields.

For more information on this policy, please refer to Facebook’s Advertising guidelines.

All Site Content Requirements & Restrictions

Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate offers, product aggregation or comparison sites are not allowed on the AdRoll retargeting platform. Advertising is restricting to sellers of goods and services.


Websites promoting the sale of hard alcohol/liquor are prohibited. Websites selling beer and wine products are allowed to advertise on a portion of AdRoll’s ad inventory. Alcohol accessories, wine courses,  and vineyard websites are allowed across all inventory sources.

Artificial Traffic

Websites offering to generate artificial traffic, such as those offering Facebook fans and Twitter followers, are prohibited by AdRoll’s partner ad networks.

Copyrighted Material

Websites that advertise products or content that promote the copying or distribution of copyrighted content for which they do not have content are strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to TV/movie streaming, MP3 downloading, literature, or software designed for use with torrent sites.

Counterfeit & Replica Items

Counterfeit items are strictly prohibited by AdRoll’s partner ad networks, as are replica goods, and the unauthorized sale of luxury goods.

Dating Services

Dating websites that are overly sexual in nature are not allowed to advertise with AdRoll at this time. AdRoll cannot advertise content designed only for viewers over the age of 18.

Dieting & Weightloss

The advertising of weight loss pills and supplements is prohibited, however the advertising of meal plans, dieting tools, and fitness programs is allowed. Ads may not contain “before and after” images or images of unexpected or unlikely results. Ads may not call out perceived imperfections through language such as, “Are you fat?” or “Balding?”. Ads may not depict a state of perfect or extremely undesirable body-weight. For example, AdRoll will not accept images of someone measuring his/her waist, or an image focused solely on someone’s abs.


Advertising the sale of illegal or controlled substances is strictly prohibited. This includes online pharmacies and the sale of prescription drugs. The sale of over the counter medicines is allowed.

Financial Services

Legitimate banking institutions, mortgage and insurance brokers, and trading platforms are allowed across all of AdRoll’s inventory sources. Payday/cash loan sites, and stock trading strategy/advice are prohibited, as are Forex robots, eGold, debt consolidation, and investment offers.


The advertising of websites offering online gambling games (real or fake money), fantasy sports,  or online bingo is not allowed. Government sponsored lotteries, as well as websites for brick and mortar casinos are allowed on a portion of AdRoll’s inventory sources. At this time, Fantasy Sports where no money is exchanged is acceptable on Facebook Exchange only.

Intimate Apparel & Lingerie

Websites offering lingerie and other intimate apparel are allowed—but nudity or transparent articles of clothing are prohibited.  Product images must be tasteful and suitable for all ages.

Medicines & Health Supplements

AdRoll and our partner ad networks strictly prohibit the advertising of anabolic steroids, DHEA, Ephedra, Human Growth Hormone (HGH), and similar substances. Online pharmacies selling prescription medications are prohibited. Websites selling over the counter medicines are allowed.


AdRoll and our partner ad networks prohibit the simulation of operating system dialogue boxes, error messages, or browser warnings. Animated features intended to to simulate browser or computer functions are not allowed. Any creative elements designed to trick-to-click, such as a false text field, are strictly prohibited. In addition, the ad cannot present itself as a news source or content.

Penny Auctions

The advertising of penny auctions sites is allowed only on a portion of AdRoll inventory sources.

Political Campaigns

The advertising of political campaigns and opinions on policies is allowed across all inventory sources. Political messages that are attacks on individuals or groups is prohibited.

Sensitive Interest-Based Advertising

In order to protect the end-user’s privacy, AdRoll cannot advertise products or websites that target sensitive legal or medical conditions. Sensitive conditions and information can be defined as, but are not limited to:

• Health or Medical information

• Interest or participation in adult activities (including alcohol, gambling, dating, pornography, etc.)

• Sexual behavior, identity, or orientation

• Racial, or ethnic information

• Religious belief

• Negative financial status or situation

• Status as a child under 13

• The commission of any crime


Websites where the primary purpose is to fill out a poll or survey are not allowed on the AdRoll advertising network.

Tobacco & E-Cigarettes

Advertising of cigarette brands, cigarette sales, or e-cigarette sales is prohibited. Advertising of cigar stores is allowed on a portion of AdRoll’s partner ad networks.


AdRoll and our partner ad networks strictly prohibit the sale of guns and ammunition, regardless of local laws. Other dangerous weapons, such as swords, tactical knives, crossbows, throwing stars,  and nunchuks are also prohibited. Kitchen and camping knives are allowed.

Novelty or sporting weapons, such as paintball and air-soft guns are allowed. However, ads may not contain images of air-soft guns.  Websites offering air-soft guns must include a disclaimer regarding the federally mandated blaze orange tip, and all product images must also include the blaze orange tip.

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