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What is retargeting?

Retargeting is an online advertising technology that serves customized ads to people who have indicated an interest in your brand by visiting your website. These users will see your ads as they navigate to their favorite blog, news site, or sports page. Technically speaking, an advertiser places a pixel, or small snippet of code, on their website to begin. This pixel identifies how potential customers interact with their website and allows for segmentation of those customers for later advertising targeting.

What services does AdRoll offer?

AdRoll is the largest retargeting platform with over 15,000 active advertisers in the U.S. and around the world. We help advertisers of all sizes reconnect with potential customers to drive the highest-quality conversions, at the lowest price. We were recently named the #1 fastest-growing private advertising company by Inc. Magazine in the 2012 Inc. 500|5000 listing and the #1 fastest growing company in the Bay Area by the SF Business Times.

We were one of the original tech companies with access to the Facebook Exchange (FBX) alpha and beta programs, and partner with over 60 other advertising exchanges and networks (including Google, Yahoo and AppNexus) to cover 98% of the web. With our innovative dynamic ad creative product, LiquidAds, easy-to-use dashboard full of actionable analytics, and seasoned Account Management and Customer Delight teams, we are confident that our product will work for you. Don’t take our word for it, try us out for 2 weeks for free!

May I sign up as a publisher or an affiliate?

AdRoll’s publisher development team is growing and dedicated to helping publishers grow their business. Please provide the following information to so we can appropriately suit your needs:


  • Owned & Operated Website URL(s):
  • Other (Managed) Website URL(s):
  • Your Name:
  • Title:
  • Phone:
  • Email:
  • Monthly UVs:
  • Monthly PVs:
  • Countries:
  • Avg. CPM:
  • Ad Sizes Available:
  • Ad Server:
  • Current Networks/Exchanges:
  • Additional Comments:

What is AdRoll’s online reach?

We partner with over 60 of the top advertising exchanges and networks (including Facebook Exchange (FBX), Google, Yahoo, MSN and AppNexus) to provide coverage across 98% of the web. Although we are based in San Francisco, CA, we have a truly global reach.

What pricing model does AdRoll use? Is there a minimum budget commitment?

We use a dynamic CPM (cost-per-thousand-impressions) pricing model. This means that our system will bid on the highest quality inventory, at the lowest possible price. Since we use a fixed margin, we are able to pass any savings onto you, making us the most cost-effective display advertising solution available.

We work with advertisers of all sizes and have no minimum spend requirements.

Is there a minimum time commitment?

There is no minimum time commitment when it comes to running a campaign with us – you can start and stop at any time! However, we recommend running a campaign for at least a month to collect enough data to properly optimize and refine placement and targeting.

Does AdRoll have a referral program?

At this time, AdRoll does not offer a referral program.

Getting Started

How do I place my pixel?

Our SmartPixel should be placed right before the end body tag </body> in your page’s HTML code or on your website’s HTML template. Placing the pixel properly will ensure accurate data collection and will not negatively affect your page’s load time.

To double-check that your pixel has been placed properly, go to User Analytics >> Segments & Conversion and view the size of the user list. If you see that your user list has begun to populate, you’ll know the pixel is working!

If you’re using a 3rd party e-commerce platform, check out our implementation recommendations.

Can I serve the AdRoll SmartPixel in an iFrame?

We do not recommend using a pixel in an iFrame, but it is certainly possible with additional technical expertise. Please contact us at for more information if you’d like to use a pixel in an iFrame.

Does my site require a privacy policy?

Yes, it is highly recommended that a link to a proper privacy policy is visible on all pages of your site, as this is a requirement by most of our partner ad networks. Check out our Knowledge Base Privacy Policy page for more information about what should be included in your privacy policy.

How should I format my ads?

All ads must be in the following formats: static JPEG or GIF images, animated GIF images, or Flash files. Ads should be no more than 45KB in file size and, if the ads are animated, they should stop animating within 30 seconds.

How does AdRoll’s billing work?

We bill on a weekly basis. We will pre-charge your first week’s budget before your campaign starts to start a balance. Every week, your previous 7 days of deliveries will be deducted from your total AdRoll account balance. We will then charge your card to “replenish” your AdRoll account balance to its original level.

How does the free trial work?

The free trial is worth $60 in advertising and won’t begin until your campaign starts to serve impressions. After serving $60 worth of impressions, the trial seamlessly converts into a paid campaign, preserving the continuity of your marketing efforts.

We will notify you via e-mail when you free trial nears its limit and you’re able to pause or cancel your campaign at any time.

Do you like turtles?

Yes. I like turtles.

What ad sizes does AdRoll accept?

We suggest creating ads in the following popular ad sizes: 728×90, 300×250, 160×600 and 100×72 (Facebook Exchange).

However, we accept these additional sizes: 468×60, 120×600, 336×280, 250×250 and 200×200.

Campaign Management

How can I adjust my campaign’s frequency cap?

We automatically manage frequency cap to achieve optimal performance. However, you can adjust these settings by contacting your account manager, or reaching out to We’ll be happy to make any changes!

How can I prevent my ads from showing to customers that have already converted?

First, make sure that our SmartPixel is placed on your thank you/confirmation page (right before the </body> in your HMTL code). Then, set up a conversion segment to track your converted visitors. This way, anyone who converts and makes it to your thank you/confirmation page will be placed on your converted user list. You can then exclude this user list from seeing your display ads by navigating to “Manage> Segments & Conversion” in your dashboard and click “Add New Segment.”

Can I target users based on location (geo-targeting)?

Yes, you can definitely target users based on their location. We can home in on specific cities, regions and countries, and exclude certain geo-targets for you as well.

Geo-targets are set when initially launching a campaign. Simply type in the desired location that you wish to geo-target, and then click on that location in the pop-up menu that appears.

How can I prevent certain IP addresses from seeing my ads?

To suppress certain IP addresses from seeing your advertising, simply send a list of IPs to your account manager or to and we’ll take care of it!

How can I pause my campaign?

You can easily pause your campaign right from your dashboard. Simply go to “Campaigns” at the top of screen, and then access the desired campaign by clicking on “View Campaign” below the campaign you wish to pause. From here you can click on “ Pause Campaign” on the right side of your screen to immediately pause your campaign and stop serving ads.

How can I delete my campaign?

In order to ensure that you do not accidentally cancel an active campaign, deleting a campaign is an admin-only function at this time. If you would like to delete or cancel an active campaign, reach out to your account manager or, and we’d be more than happy to accommodate your request.

Ad Management

What do AdRoll’s ad “statuses” mean?

Your ad status should help you differentiate between creative in your Ad Library that are actively serving,  paused or not in an active campaign.

Approved” indicates the ad has been approved by our internal admins and is eligible to be served.

Not Used” indicates an ad that has been uploaded to your Ad Library , but is not currently assigned to an ad group in a campaign.

Paused” indicates that your ad is in a campaign, but is not serving impressions.

Pending” indicates the ad is currently under review by our review team.  This process can take up to 1 business day for AdRoll’s review team to approve.

Suspended” indicates an ad has been suspended by our review team, and cannot be adjusted from the dashboard.  To request a reversal of the suspension, please write into

Lastly, the number (i.e.: 1 Review, 1 Approved) refers to the number of instances of the ad currently in your account.  See the following FAQs for more information on how to add, edit, pause and delete ads.

How can I add ads to an existing campaign?

In order to ad adds to an existing campaign, click on the ‘Campaigns’ tab in the upper left hand corner of your dashboard. Then select the campaign you wish to include more ads by clicking on ‘View Campaign’ underneath the graph of the desired campaign. On the right hand side of your dashboard, click on the ‘Edit Campaign’ button to make changes regarding your creative.

On this next page you will have the option of either creating a new ad group, or you can add ads to an existing ad group. We recommend creating a new ad group when you have new creative to test or increase relevance.

When you click on the option to edit an ad group, you will be shown a screen outlining all the active ads in your campaign. Click on the ‘New Ad’ icon at the top of the ads screen to be given the option to either upload a new ad or uploading an existing ad from your ad library. Make sure to click on ‘Finished’ after uploading your creative to complete the process!

How can I edit an ad?

You can edit an existing ad by navigating to your “Ad Library” and clicking on the ad that you wish to edit. There is an edit ad option that will enable you to alter the destination URL of the ad as well as the title. Unfortunately, if you wish to alter the creative itself, you are required to upload a new ad.

How can I pause an ad in a campaign?

You can pause an existing ad by navigating to your “Ad Library” and clicking on the ad that you wish to pause. Once complete, scroll down to the tab displaying the metrics of the ad and click the pause button on the righthand side of the screen.

How can I delete an ad?

You first need to make sure that you have paused the ad at both the campaign and ad group level. (See question 4 for more info).  Then go to your “Ad Library” and scroll over the ad in question to select the delete option that now appears.

Facebook Exchange (FBX) Questions

What is FBX and how is it different from Facebook Marketplace advertising?

Facebook Exchange (FBX) allows advertisers to user their own data to reach their audience on Facebook. Through FBX, an advertiser can retarget users who previously browsed their site with a more relevant and unique Right Hand Side (100×72 until August 1, 2014; and 600×315 starting June 23, 2014) or News Feed (200×200 or 600×315) ad.

In comparison, Facebook Marketplace ads can use Facebook-gathered data, such as location, gender, age, likes, and interests, for targeting purposes. However, FBX is not a replacement for Facebook Marketplace advertising, and when used in conjunction, can be a very effective marketing strategy.

What are the creative requirements for FBX ads?

Right Hand Column (RHC) FBX Ads

  • Creative Image: 100×72 pixels (until August 1, 2014) and accepting no smaller than 600×315 (will be rendered down to 254×133)
  • Title: Maximum 25 characters, including spaces, maximum
  • Body: Maximum 90 characters, including spaces, maximum
  • File size: Maximum 1MB
  • Image: Only 20% of image may include text

News Feed FBX Ads

  • Creative Image: 200×200 or 600×315 (any image smaller than 600×315 will be scaled down to a 200×200 ad unit)
  • Message: 500 characters
  • Title: 25 characters
  • Domain Link: Must redirect to external, non-Facebook link
  • Body Text: 90 characters
  • Image: Only 20% of image may include text

Other Requirements

  • Facebook finds that images with minimal text are more engaging for audiences. Only 20% of any image can include text, including books, posters, text-printed apparel, etc.
  • No word used in the creative can be longer than 20 characters. The following characters are not allowed at this time: @ > # $ % ^ &* ( ) <.
  • Flash, mobile, and video creative are not allowed on Facebook Exchange.
  • News Feed ads cannot redirect to an external site with embedded video.

Who conducts the creative audit: AdRoll or Facebook? How will I know if my ads have been audited?

Before submitting creative to Facebook, we conduct our own initial audit – we will notify you via e-mail if we believe your creative will not pass muster. The final audit is conducted by Facebook and consists of 3 stages:

  • Pending: The creative is under review and has not been approved or rejected.
  • Audited: The creative is eligible to start serving impressions.
  • Rejected: The creative did not comply with Facebook’s creative requirements and is not eligible to serve impressions.

It is important to note that this is not an immediate process. Facebook creative audits can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours.

Where can FBX ads show?

FBX ads can either serve in the News Feed (for FBX News Feed campaigns) or on the right hand side of the page (for standard FBX campaign).

How does AdRoll optimize these campaigns?

Our system optimizes campaigns to achieve the highest possible ROI. We’ve seen that both CPM and CPC’s have been lower on FBX, and this has not compromised our ability to obtain high quality inventory.

Facebook’s dynamic auction determines not only the price but also the position of an ad on the page. Higher bids are more likely to win higher slots, and vice versa. Fortunately, our RTB technology takes into account different page types and varying ad slots. This ensures the best possible ad placements based on optimal price and location.

Can my FBX ads run through AdRoll show up on the same page as my standard Facebook ad buy?

It is important to remember that FBX is not a replacement to Facebook Marketplace advertising. Given the volume of Facebook users and the variety of advertising methods, the chances of ads appearing on the same page from different campaigns is possible, albeit very rare. Facebook has a number of ad solutions that can be used to promote a brand (premium ads and sponsored stories to name two others) and FBX inventory only appears along the right rail of the page.


Why was my business rejected for advertising with AdRoll?

You may have been rejected because your website, campaign, or creative is not in compliance with AdRoll’s partner networks’ advertising policies. For a list of our specifications, check out our Creative Requirements section. You may also be rejected if your website violates any of our partner ad networks’ policies regarding content or site functionality.

Why hasn’t my campaign begun serving impressions?

Here are the top two reasons: your campaign is still under review with our partner networks, and list size. Once our review team approves a campaign, it is submitted to our partner networks for review. This process can take up to 72 hours. Additionally, please note that your retargeting campaign may not begin serving impressions until you are targeting a visitor segment with about 500-1000 users.

What is a clickTAG error?

ClickTAG is a parameter used in flash banner ads that helps define the destination URL from the rest of the coding. Our clickTAG checker does a very simple confirmation to ensure that the clickTAG is spelled exactly as seen: clickTAG. If you are receiving a clickTAG error, it is due to at least one of the following: clickTAG is not spelled correct; “click” is not in all lowercase; “TAG” is not in all uppercase; there is a space between “click” and “TAG.”

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